Global Professional Services Firm

Data-driven and defined by the expertise of its staff, this global management consulting firm, finds itself navigating the changing workplace landscape of the knowledge economy. In the face of rising real estate costs, fierce competition for talent, and advancements in technology that have redefined workday parameters, the client partnered with OTJ to deploy design-forward solutions for a renovation in place that best aligns the physical environment to the requirements of an increasingly flexible workforce.

By considering both the nature of the work performed and the demographics of the client’s employees, OTJ developed an array of agile working solutions that maximize real estate value and allow for a decreased footprint even as staff count grows. In order to realize the economies of space that would support the client’s shift from three floor occupancy to two, and with the understanding that staff may be only occasionally present on the premises, our design transitions all but the firm’s partners to unassigned desks. This hoteling concept guarantees individuals access to a workstation for those days when they are present while making that same desk available to others when they work remotely. Offices, in turn, were reduced to 120 square feet and are designed to double as small meeting rooms when not occupied by partners. In addition, high flexibility furniture and technology solutions allow for the rapid reconfiguration of conference rooms to social spaces, offering staff access to a wide range of spaces.

The client recognizes that even as telecommuting ascends, in-person interaction remains indispensable to the exchange of knowledge. To draw employees back into the physical space, our designers proposed to reinterpret the client’s workplace as an exclusive destination, complete with perks and amenities unavailable elsewhere. Features such as fire place, coffee bar with barista, and full catering pantry underscore a people-centric brand and offer an edge in a hyper competitive employment market.

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Washington, DC


62,000 RSF




Workplace Strategy

Agile workplace solutions align the physical environment to the flexible, people-centric culture of a leading consulting firm.