The MOI showroom aims to address a changed world, reassuring post-pandemic consumers and staff members that there are still places outside of one’s house where one can feel at home. To that end, MOI, a client-centered interior solutions provider with longstanding ties to OTJ Architects, partnered with our team to develop a thriving, evolutionary ecosystem in which to work, live,
and stay.

Rooted in collaboration and intuitive technology, this vibrant showcase brings together the art and science of programmatic elements to model a variety of workstyles through an agile and rotating selection of furniture. This intentional blend of product displays supports an informed decision-making process – empowering clients, architects, and designers to confidently select those options best suited to the realization of business, operational, and human objectives in the workplace and beyond. Our design also deploys a comprehensive sample library, pop-up areas, focused work rooms, a work café complete with rooftop terrace, as well as a reconfigurable conference space. These elements foster meaningful connections between goods and people while promoting the company’s expertise across a creative range of workplace typologies. In addition, the space is equipped to host a myriad of events, meetings, seminars, and community gatherings.

Visually, the project is articulated to maximize daylight penetration from four-foot bay projections in the base building deep into an open floorplan complemented by floor-to- ceiling glass walls throughout. Transparent and luminous, our design emphasizes the wellness of the showroom’s occupants and visitors through solutions such as biophilic elements, ergonomic furniture, sustainable and ethically sourced materials, as well as an arresting art feature overlooking the lobby. Together, these elements culminate in WELL and LEED Gold certifications – a testament to MOI’s commitment to both the environment and innovative work practices that celebrate the importance of wellbeing.

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Washington, DC


13,000 RSF




Wellness & Sustainability



A flexible, modular new showcase drives consumer engagement in a home away from home for staff, partners, and clients alike.