Japanese restaurant and bar Yoki has been a staple of the Boston area’s lauded culinary scene for more than a decade. Noted for an innovative marriage of hand-prepared traditional and contemporary dishes as well as the artistry of its sushi chefs, Yoki recently seized on the opportunity to reimagine itself as a vibrant, eclectic, and pop-inspired foodie destination sure to whet the palettes of dining and design enthusiasts alike.

To realize this transformation, OTJ’s team of architects and designers developed a new aesthetic narrative that references in equal parts Japan’s iconic print blocking tradition, downtown Tokyo’s frenetic street food culture, and distinctive graphic gestures drawn from manga and anime. Working in tandem with local artist Erica Hagler, our designers then spun these disparate elements into a layered series of hand-painted, bespoke murals that eschew literal interpretations, intrigue, and invite closer examination. By considering the sequence of the patron experience, our team identified key locations where these murals would both enhance the space and communicate Yoki’s persona with the most impact.

In addition to breathing new life into the Yoki dining experience, our team adhered to strict budgetary parameters without sacrifice of function or aesthetics. We maximized the possibility of modest resources such as paint, drywall, hand crafted tiles, and rattan fixtures to activate this space through bold pops of color and unexpected materials. Lastly, we repurposed an underutilized existing space as a private dining and function room to provide guests with a more intimate setting.

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Medford, MA


100 Seats


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Vibrant, eclectic, and pop-inspired, Yoki is a foodie destination sure to whet the palettes of dining and design enthusiasts alike.