OTJ Advances Key Team Members to Leadership Roles as Firm Continues to Grow

OTJ Architects is pleased to announce the advancement of several key team members. Amber Van Kley, IIDA, NCIDQ, Guion Childress, AIA, Katherine Tong, IIDA, NCIDQ, Linda Jackson, AIA, IIDA, LEED AP, Natalie Davidson, LEED AP have been promoted to Principal, our firm’s penultimate leadership position.

OTJ has also promoted several other business and design leaders: Becky Boyer, Catherine Dolezal, Liz O’Hara, Michelle Yack, Sarah Shuba, Tamara Sainz, Tamra Green, and Thomas Neal were promoted to Associate Principal.

CEO Lance Jaccard, AIA, IIDA, LEED AP, remarked: “2022 was a year of remarkable growth even in the face of worldwide economic uncertainty. The continued expansion of our services and geographic reach could not have been possible without the talent, resourcefulness, and integrity of our people. The number of these promotions reflects our commitment to fostering a vibrant work culture that makes it possible to attract and retain our industry’s top talent.”

Aaron West, Cait Rogers, Cristina Darter, Eddie Munoz, Greg Diedrich, Greg Savage, Jack Radowich, Jackie Garcia, Jean McGinty, Kendra Chong, Linette Kilbourn, and Page Ryan were promoted to Senior Associate. In addition, Cesar Campana, Colleen Uphouse, Gaston Dietz, Gelsie Isgro, John Donahue, Judy Zhu, Kala Fagan, Kevin Hebron, Leen Rifai, Leslie Neilson, Margaret Walsh, Matthew Goldberg, Megan Tompkins, Michelle Munson, Rex Crabb, Sam Fernandes, Sharissa Fedeé, Susan Mayo, Tara Tuozzolo, Vanessa Reisin, and Venkat Chattu were promoted to Associate.

Lastly, Cristina Darter was advanced to Technical Director, Irene Kwon to Senior Business Development Manager, Jireh Klein was advanced to Senior People Operations Manager, Kristina Saulsby to Senior Billing Manager, and Lucille Ynosencio to Director of Architecture.

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