Dyno Therapeutics

Dyno Therapeutics is a pioneering, venture-capital backed, life sciences startup actively transforming the landscape of gene therapy through artificial intelligence. Noted for groundbreaking technologies and strategic partnerships, Dyno takes its name from the rapid movement of a climber across a rock face and prides itself on a culture that is equally decisive and bold. In the face of explosive growth, Dyno engaged OTJ Architects to lead the fast-track design and delivery of a new headquarters that would empower a world-class team to execute upon their life-changing mission in an environment that harmonizes open workspace, high-visibility laboratories, and agile amenities.

Located in the heart of one of the nation’s premier life sciences markets, the Dyno Therapeutics workplace is an engine for innovation fueled by transparency and a commitment to wellness in the workplace. To maximize the narrow floor plate of the former military factory that now houses the Dyno headquarters, our designers elected to articulate the workspace as pods located directly along the building’s window-line. Complete with sit-to-stand desks and writable surfaces, these clusters are configured using demountable partitions accented by abstract mountain range graphics. The organization’s laboratories, often relegated by competitors to ancillary or liminal spaces, here take center stage: Glassfronted and flanked by collaborative spaces, Dyno’s labs now serve as a visual conduit between staff, visitors, and gene therapy research.

The headquarters’ robust amenities package, in turn, is anchored by a double-height work hub café, complete with mezzanine and a monumental stair that doubles as stadium seating. Additional common areas underscore a commitment to staff health and include wellness rooms, a multi-purpose meditation chamber, and a custom-designed bouldering wall nestled beneath the eaves of the building. A myriad of collaborative spaces, augmented by a state-of-the-art audio-visual technology package, empowers staff to elect a formal or informal setting in which to exchange ideas and break down departmental silos.

Lastly, the project palette is inspired by the soothing, muted tones of Scandinavian contemporary design, yet accented by bold, seemingly explosive pops of color expressed through thoughtfully interspersed graphics that reference and interpret the gene sequences of viruses as art. Completed on a fast-track schedule that leveraged nimble procurement strategies to meet mission critical deadlines, the Dyno workplace was delivered in 13 months.

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Watertown, MA


40,000 RSF


Science & Technology


Laboratory & Facilities Design

The Dyno Therapeutics workplace is an engine for innovation fueled by transparency and a commitment to enhanced collaboration.