Axinn, Veltrop & Harkrider

Founded in 1990 by veteran Wallstreet lawyers, Axinn is now a leading legal practice that provides the highest level of strategic acumen in antitrust, intellectual property and highstakes litigation. The firm, noted for its collaborative and strikingly non-hierarchal culture, engaged OTJ to manifest the vision of a workplace that not only reflects a commitment to excellence but also celebrates a reputation for breaking the mold.

Working in close partnership with Axinn stakeholders from inception through to delivery, our team challenged assumptions about the form and function of a contemporary legal practice to arrive at a high-performing space that brings together brand, materiality, and arresting architectural gestures to sit at the aesthetic intersection of a boutique hotel and executive suite.

The resulting workplace, located in the capital’s first WELL certified building, is human in both scale and materiality. Prime square-footage is devoted to a central work café, complete with panoramic views, which offers an array of informal seating options for introverts and extroverts alike. The design weaves material references to the base building finishes from the lobby to the rooftop thereby ensuring a cohesive visual experience. The purposeful integration of plants serves not only aesthetic purposes but contributes to improved air quality and lowered stress levels among staff. Lastly diffusers dispense a curated scent to create a fully sensory brand experience.

To accommodate for a fast-track schedule, design was kicked-off prior to the completion of the base building. This translated to a unique set of architectural and acoustical challenges which the team addressed by working in close collaboration with technical consultants. Low ceiling heights were artfully circumvented through the addition of illuminated columns and strategically located ceiling openings. The design team also maximized views and opened sightlines to enhance connectivity across floorplates. Lastly, the process leveraged a state-of-the-art suite of design visualization tools to build consensus and facilitate confident decision making.

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Washington, DC


40,000 RSF




Wellness + Sustainability
Workplace Strategy

Axinn’s new workplace challenges assumptions about the form and function of a contemporary legal practice to sit at the aesthetic intersection of boutique hotel and C-suite.