Butterfly Network

Butterfly Network is committed to democratizing healthcare: By creating the world’s first handheld whole-body imager, this life sciences pioneer is making life saving technology accessible to underserved communities in limited resource settings worldwide. Faced with rapid staff growth as well as the need for both expanded laboratory space and an immersive new client experience center, Butterfly Network partnered with OTJ to conceive of a high brand impact workplace that would advance the organization’s commitment to innovation while nurturing a vibrant corporate culture centered on the active yet informal exchange of ideas.

Located in the heart of one of the nation’s premier life sciences markets, this new headquarters is a powerful vehicle to amplify Butterfly Network’s distinct persona. OTJ leveraged a holistic, brand driven approach to inform the development of targeted architectural gestures as well as layered environmental graphics to telegraph Butterfly Network’s message with the most impact. The resulting workplace includes an immersive new experience center where clients can explore and interface with a proprietary suite of technology that fuses semiconductors, artificial intelligence, and the cloud. In addition, the headquarters features a curated palette inspired by the soothing, muted tones of Scandinavian contemporary design, yet accented by bold brand color and supplemented by a contemporary furniture package.

Like us, Butterfly Network believes that its success rests in the strength of its people and in their ability to excel. Accordingly, our design team partnered with a range of stakeholders from the project’s onset to translate business, operational, and human objectives into equitable solutions that drive optimal space and staff performance. By promoting wellbeing and nurturing the exchange of ideas, our design team realized an environment where individuals thrive, innovation flourishes, and the business of Butterfly Network can prosper in turn.

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Burlington, MA


60,000 RSF


Science & Technology


Laboratory & Facilities Design

The new Butterfly Network headquarters is a high brand impact biosphere where individuals thrive, life-saving innovation flourishes, and business prospers.